Possible kidney cancer?

Hello, I'm looking for possible explanations and personal anecdotes since I'm freaking out

My mom is 62 years old and on 2/20/13 she told me to take her to the doctor since she had visible blood in the urine for the third day in a row. For a few months she had lower back problems but the doctors ruled it as a simple sprain and gave her medicine for inflammation. They did blood and urine analysis back then and it came back normal but found microscopic blood in her urine. They did note she had strong anemia but that's been the case for most of her life. This second time when they did blood and urine anaylsis they once again said it came back normal, with no signs of infection. They did a CT scan but it also came back normal with no signs of kidney stones or anything. I asked the doctor if it's possible that she has a tumor and she said yes. For both these instances we went to emergency at Olive View since we don't have insurance. The doctor said she was going to refer her to a urologist but it would take possibly up to a month for them to send the appointment through mail and that appointment could be from one to three months later. Upon thinking it could be either kidney or bladder cancer I did investigation on its symptoms and tests. Wouldn't it have shown up on the CT scan if it were indeed cancer? My mom is also really active, she's always been into walking but yesterday she walked a good distance for the first time since the doctor's visit and has had lower abdomen pain, with swelling. Her pain on her lower back and abdomen is on and off; she has been taking pain medication (Advil, Tylenol... etc) and it's calmed her down somewhat and it only swells up when her abdomen hurts. 

Anyone have a similar story/conditions? If it is cancer, what stage could it possibly be? I know nobody is prepared to lose a loved one, especially their own mother but I possibly have depression or a bipolar disorder, and really would not be able to handle the bad news as well as more adjusted people. I really would appreciate the support and possible explanations of what may be going on with my mother.

Thank you for reading.


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    CT Scan

    Get a copy of the CT scan report and read it. You can usually go straight to the hospital's radiology department and ask for one. (She may have to do it herself because of privacy laws). My hospital made me a copy while I waited. I'd go over it line-by-line if necessary with the doctor to ask what the findings are.

    It depends on where they scanned. If the scan included the kidneys, any tumor in the kidney should have shown up. But you need to know where they scanned. Sometimes they issue scans for the pelvis only, in which case the kidneys wouldn't even be on the scan. If the scan was of the abdomen and pelvis, the kidneys would have been on there and the readiologist would have noted any abnormalities in the CT scan report.

    Most people over 50 have at least 1 or more cysts, and other abnormalities.

    It's odd the doctor saying she could have a tumor, but the CT scan was clear. That doesn't make much sense.