Starting Radiation tomorrow

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History first, diagnosed whit RCC 21/24/12, Surgery to remove left kidney 1/10/13.

Pathology 2 masses found, 1st 9x7.8x7.5cm and 1.3x1.3x1.0cm the second mass was in the fatty tissue under the kidney. The large mas shows focal sarcomatoid features, less than 1% of the mass. The smaller mass shows no sarcmatoid features.

Fuhrman grade: large mass Grade 3 to focal grade 4; smaller mass grade 2 to focal grade 3.

Major blood vessels not involved with either mass.  Lymph nodes not involved either.

The doctors said they felt they had gotten all the cancer with surgery but want to do radiation as a precaution. When I went to do the pre-radiation films the techs told me it would take a bit longer than normal because there are 18 locations they are interested in.  Some of them are no the x axis through my side and the others on the z axis down through my abdomen. 

Now with all that said, how can I go from "we got it all" to having 18 locations to get radiation in the space of 5 weeks from surgery to the pre-radiation CT scan?  I plan to ask the radiation dr and the oncologist this question at my first opportunity but I figured I would ask here first to see if I can get any additional information for questions to the dr's.





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    Ron, did they check all the surrounding lymph nodes? My dad had renal vein into the vena cava involvement and they are saying they got it all, so now radiation or chemo. I'm sorry I meant to write "NO" Radiation or chemo.