stage iv colon with mets to iver

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I have been dx with stage iv colon cancer almost 4 years ago. I have changed oncos and hospitals during that time and I feel I finally found the right team. My liver had lots of lesions and first onco said no surgery. Also no surgery for colon resection.  Anyways, after 1 1/2 years i changed onco and hopsital. This onco was total opposite of the other one. She pretty much disagreed with everything the other onco did and she studied under him! She had me see liver specialist which I never did before and long story short here. Liver specialist said yes to being able to have surgery. I went through very agressive chemo and in one month dramatic shrinkage. I had surgery on all my lesions and had colon resection. Was clean for about 9 months and then it started up again. So on another treatment. Last scan was in November and I am clean so they say. 

Now this is where I need some info from anyone who can answer. This isn't the first time but I have had pain on my right side/hip area and sometimes pain radiates to back. It's been a couple weeks. Somedays hurts more than others and other days not to bad. I have been under some extreme stress in other aspects of my life and do you think my stress level could be causing this pain? I see the onco next week when I have my maintenace. I'm scared somethings going on again. Also been feeling like i need to go to bathroom and either I pass gas or just like a turd comes out (sorry i know tmi) and I am also having normal stools and sometimes its loose.

Has anyone had this issue? I'd really like to hear from you. I'm scared and I have been doing so well. Please help.




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    No such thing as TMI

    No need to worry about TMI here. We've all gone throught the rough stuff as far as bowel movements, surgery in our most private of areas - yea, that means anal - so the more information the better we are to help you. 

    Saying that, I cannot actually help you but I know there are many others who can. 

    I would definitely talk to the Doctor or Oncologist about the side pain.  I intend to go see the Doctor for anything and everything when I'm through with my treatments. Cancer will always be foremost in my mind when I have the odd pain or twinge. 

    Are you the pretty lady or the handsome man? I like to be able to visualize a person when I pray for them, and I will be praying for you.

    Good luck!