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Hi everyone and especially to my old Folfox Club people. Some of the original number are still around. I just finished another surgery a couple of weeks ago to repair duel hernias. It turned out when I got chemo-inducted cirrhosis and my abdomen was flooded the pressure caused the hernias. Not a fun procedure and a lot of swelling. Now if someone tells me to grow a pair well lets say the swelling is so bad it looks like duel hard boiled eggs. It will take over a month or so for the swelling to start going down. My surgeon a great guy warned me the surgery could kill me. Apparently, with the ascites if he made a mistake down there it could flow through and be impossible to stop. After three bouts with cancer and chemo-induced cirrhosis to die of a hernia seemed very funny to me. Anyway all is well sort-of. May will be a scary month because another ct/scan and CEA. Since the RFA on my liver about three months ago everything on the cancer side has been good. But now these tests every three months for a year or two because the return of liver cancer is a high possibility. Unfortunatey with the chemo-induced cirrhosis the odds are not on my side. I also have only so much undamaged liver for the doctors to handle. I really like my current ONC and am so glad I fired my former ONC. I guess I shouldn't blame him it took me too long to realize never trust a doctor. The only problem from the RFA has been that my liver has been in overdrive producing Glucose. My blood sugar is always high now so I'm on some pills. Also I haven't been to the gym in four months but should be able to return when the hernias heal. That should help. I rely on CEA more than CT/Pet scans for cancer. After all the radiologist was right three times and wrong twice. My CEA is always less than 1 unless I have cancer even with the chemo-induced cirrhosis. So May is coming and the CEA will tell the tale. I did have a CEA before hernia surgery along with everything else and still less than 1 and my liver is still holding its own. Still I know I'm on the clock and it's like a fight which will kill me first cancer or cirrhosis. My EKG's and blood pressure shows a heart attack is not likely. But I am tired and this ten year plus battle has taken a toll in my ability and determination to fight on. But I just learned I have a grand son on the way sometime in June so death will have to wait. I now have three grand daughters and a grandson soon. I'm headed to Texas in June to help out especially with the kids and financially. My son-in-law works for the Air Force and the Coast Guard.  He's a classified as a civilan contractor (He designs everything from air strips to off-ramps) with the Air Force and just took his Chief's test for the Coast Guard. But now they are facing hard times with Obama forcing furloughs. The Military in order to save money is consolidating so instead of a 20 minute drive to his current base, he is being forced to drive a hour and half each way to a different base and  he loses two days pay for every two week payday. He is in high demand for his services and may have to be transferred overseas which is not a good time with a new born; two year old and four year old. But oversea assignments get priority and no pay cuts. Now my grand kids are five States away soon it coud be oceans. Thanks Obama! Sorry to go on and on but as you now with my well deserved cynicism I avoid depressing others with my expriences. Well I'll be around maybe another post in May. Best of Health Take Care LOu


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    Good To See You, Lou

    Sounds like you own as much stock in hospitals and the physician's retirement fund as we do. I'm with you on most doctors, but we seem to have a good team at MDA. So just hanging around here trying to support others on this board and the H&N board and looking for a shoulder to cry on, sometimes.

    JBG is doing pretty good after her Spleenectomy, just really tired, but it did help her platelets rise.

    My poor hubby is having a really rough time with numerous surgeries. Heck, we've barely made it to the cancer treatments, what with everything else. Lung rads finally start next week. He's so weak, he can't stand alone. I know you went through that for a while.

    Hang tough buddy and congrats on the new grndchild.



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    Thanks for the update, Lou.
    Thanks for the update, Lou. Glad life is going well for you. A Grandson certainly is something to look forward to. Congratulations.