stage 3 lung cancer

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I have stage 3 lung cancer  going next week to have part of my left lung taken out  Iwould like to talk to some one that has been thought this  I live in R.I and would like to finde a group to go to  can you helpFrown


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    Support groups

    Hi Stepheng, welcome to the csn website!. Contact the oncology social worker at your hospital for the times and locations of support group meetings in your area.  There is a wonderful chatroom here at csn.  There is also a 24 hr support site somewhere, will try to find it and get back with info ASAP. 

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    I jpoined specifically to

    I jpoined specifically to respond to you.  I had stage 3. Lower left lobe was removed via VATS a bit over a month ago. Acc'd to my doctor, they got all the cancer out and I am now 100% cancer free.  However, I am going to chemo, one week a month for the next 4 months just in case any cells are still floating around.  I vary from hopeful to not hopeful depending on the day.  Nights are hard.  I know I need this chemo to be sure, but I don't look forward to having it.  The surgery itself, because it was VATS, healed within two weeks, no problem, however I did get pneumonia about 3 weeks after the surgery and ended up back in the hosptital for 5 days.  They went in to remove the lobe thru my back, that healed fast, however my left breast area is still sore.

    The chemo is scaring me, I did buy a wig and some scarfs already and do not know what to expect at all. I did a search on foods during chemo and I now know what would be good to eat and what would not be good for me.   I will keep you informed as it happens.  I am 63, female and very scared.  That said, the surgery part was fine......Please don't be sad, just live each day to the fullest, and don't stress anymore on anything that you won't remember in two weeks!