Change In Strategy

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As the battleground changes, so do the plans of hubby's doctors. We went to appt. today prepared to attack with chemo, but the committe has decided that the lung cancer is very agressive and growing at a fast pace, so skipping chemo at the moment and starting 10 treatments of rads on Monday, replacing the originally planned 4. As Stage 1, they may be able to stop it, but if it metastasizes(more likely to happen than that of the H&N), they won't be able to do anything. They won't operate due to the heart problems. So, two weeks of rads, one week of rest, and then starting chemo.

Home Health came last night and instructed me on the use of the feeding tube. A lot to comprehend at one time when you're exhausted, but I have written instructions. We did a trial run with the pump for a few hours and he tolerated the small amount. Had an accident in the night. I'm sure you guys are all familiar with those. He's just getting weaker and weaker so we've got to get those calories in.

The bright spot of the day is that because the chemo was cancelled, I was able to get him over to the Urologist and get that dam# catheter out. That alleviates some of the discomfort.

Just a race against time and the enemy, as you all know.

I saw JBG's post and my granddaughter's text. She's quite a girl, that one, just like her Mom.




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    (((HUGS)))     Just like her

    (((HUGS)))     Just like her mom and grandmom too!!!!

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    and more (((Hugs)))!

    Love to you all too!



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    A lot happening

    Boy you are  a real trooper with all this going on.  I will  say some extra prayers for both of you.  Jeff

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    you are in my thoughts and prayers

    changes in the cancer require changes in strategy! praying the adjustment will lead to success!