Hello Dearhearts,

The countdown has begun. In just under 30 hours my beautiful daughter will walk down the aisle on the arm of her dad.

Today the weather is beautiful, an early peek of spring. Tomorrow in San Francisco it is supposed to hit 70! The great weather should hold through Saturday night, which is all I care about. Hopefully the fog will stay away till Sunday.

The reception is at the top of the hotel with wonderful views of the entire city, from the golden gate bridge and beyond.

Everything is now in the hands of the wedding planner, so I can just sit back and enjoy....

I wish that I could bring you all with me, and share this very special day in my life. 

Hugs to all



  • jimwins
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    Hi Lisha

    Lisha, conratulations to your daughter and wish we could be there.  Be sure to post pics if you can.  Hugs - Jim

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  • allmost60
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    Here comes the bride...

    Hi Lisha,

      I'm so happy the "Big" day is almost here! I know it will be a spectacular event! Take lot's of pictures to share with us. Now kick back,relax and enjoy! Love you...Sue

  • anliperez915
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    Hi Lisha

    Hi Lisha,

    Just dropping by to congratulate your daughter on her Wedding Day! Wishing her a world of happiness and joy on her wedding day.