Could it be?

hi guys after reading all your posts and stories i have to ask ( and i am sorry for asking )


had swollen hard glands for about 5 weeks now in throat an groin they are hard but the ones in my neck have deffo gone down in size but still rock hard, i have been to the doctors who told me they were nothing to worry about but had me go for an ultrasound on my stomach and check my kidneys spleen e.t.c just to be careful these all came back clear as well as countless blood tests i am just very worried i may have missed out some symptoms but does this sound bad to you guys or am i worrying over nothing?


Look forward to replies / Questions




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    Other symptoms....

    Hi Littlechef, and "Welcome" to the group,

      Are you having any other symptoms such as...loss of weight, night swets, or unexplained chronic fatigue? I did not have any symptoms except for a large swollen node in my groin and a smaller node on my neck. Neither node was painful to the touch but both did continue to grow over a 4 month period from onset. You might want to ask your doctor to remove one of the nodes for pathology if the stress becomes too much for you to handle. I was diagnosed with Follicular-NHL-grade2-stage3-typeA in June of 2010. My age is 62. I'm a firm believer that getting things checked out is far better than sitting back and stressing out. A CT scan/PET scan are also  good tests that look a little deeper than the ultra sounds. These are just a few suggestions that might help. I wouldn't want to speculate if your worries are unfounded...testing usually leads to most questions getting answers. Best wishes to you, and let us know how things go for you. Sue