Planned CSN outage

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Hello everyone, 

Between 3:00 and 4:00 Eastern Time this morning, CSN will be taken offline for about 2 hours.

Exhaustive efforts were made to find a way to restore all private messaages. I'm not qualified to provide technical details but the bottom line is that all private messages that you sent from September 2009 forward will be restored. That is as far back as private messages went prior to the recent upgrade. However, it was only possible to restore received private messages from September 2009 to October 2010. Messages from 12/22/12 to present, of course, are already available. Luckily, you will be able to access received messages via your sent messages if you kept them in a thread there.

The other thing that will be done during the outage is your friends list will be reformatted a bit. Friends who are online will display at the top of the list and alphabetized. Beneath them will be the remainder of your friends, also alphabetized. Since there is only one list now, some friends may appear twice. This is because there used to be two lists, one of people who friended you and another for those you friended.  All you have to do is unfriend one of the duplicates to correct the list.


aka Your CSN staff


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    Thank you, Greta!

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    Duplicate friends

    I just learned that duplications were eliminated as part of the friends list format changes, so you should have a "clean" list now. :-)

    We still have a number of changes on our "to do" list but the big one is preparing to move CSN to new servers, hosted by a different vendor. This will take about a month, but it should improve site performance and enhance our ability to deal with spammers.  Speaking of spammers, I understand that some of you have been getting private messages asking for money, your Social Security number, etc. PLEASE BEWARE of such messages. They are blatant violations of CSN terms and conditions. I don't have access to your private messages so I don't know about such occurences unless you report them to me. So please notify me if you recieve requests for money or personal information or if someone tries to promote or sell something to you. I only need to know the username of the individual.

    Thank you all for your patience.