No chemo today - White blood cell count too low

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Anyone else had their chemo postponed because of low blood cell count? 

I have had two shots of Neupogen and sent home. I will get shots of Neupogen every day for a week, and blood work done everyday too. 

Quite disappointed. 


  • Sundanceh
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    Hey Brit:)

    You might ask about is given only once a week by shot...usually 24-hours "after" the pump is unhooked. 

    I had low WBC the whole last time through treatment, but the Neulasta kept our iron in the fire and on-track with treatments...I never missed one.

    I'm still a little low....but now 21-months out of my last treatment, I'm only slightly out of the lowest end of the range.

    I'm sorry you missed...we know chemo is effective on cycles...and missing a week here or there is not a showstopper...but we don't want that to be the norm.

    It's worth inquiring about...and best of luck to you as you move forward.

  • Fucc
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    I had three rounds postponed

    I had three rounds postponed by a week. At one point I asked about going on a three week schedule but my oncologist said there is no study or information on the impact of going on athere'd week schedule. So, instead of lowering the dose I have been taking neupogen shots for the last six cycles. I have one more. I take three shots during the off week. This has been enotinker keep my counts high enough to get treatment as scheduled. I did have some side effects from the neupogen like some bone pain, spine pain and general aches. Anotheroptions is neulesta which is only one shot, but I think some insurance plans don't cover it. Don't worry too much about missing a round. I did some research and it wasnt shave to be a problem.