Artificial Urinary Sphincter Implant (AMS 800) -- help!!!


Seeking Others to Discuss Their Experience w/ AUS Implant (AMS 800):

I am inquiring for my father-in-law (fil) who has limited internet access. He is 63, prostate removed 13 months ago, now suffering from incontinence. Received 2nd opinion yesterday from Mayo and was told he had 2 options: 1) status-quo -- it won't get better over time, or 2) AMS 800 Implant. 

As you can imagine, he's feeling anxious about option #2. I am seeking any and all who can provide feedback about your experience (pre and post surgery). 

Some concerns: 1) Life post implant, 2) Infections common, 3) Reputable docs/hospital to perform procedure, 4) any other options, 5) life span of implant, 6) physical limitation post implant, 7) anything else you believe will be helpful making a decision.

Your input is greatly appreciated. My fil knows there are 1000s of men who've had this procedure, but sort of lost regarding how to connect with you all. Please help. We greatly appreciate your time and consideration.

Take care!