Hope - trouble finding it.

Hi. My Dad was recently diagnosed with stage 4 RCC with mets to liver. Within a couple weeks he has suffered a stroke. I live across the country from him and so am relying on what closer family members are telling me. Unfortunately I can't see him with my own eyes. They seem to think he is doing great and will live many more years. I am a nurse. I am really struggling with having the hope that my family members have. Every bit of the nurse in me says I am losing my daddy! I know that faith and hope play an integral part in survival. Please help me find this hope. I know what stage 4 RCC with distant mets means in the medical field. I can't look beyond that, and for that I feel hopeless!


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    There is hope...


    Spend some time here reading the stories of people like foxhd, texas wedge, donnalee and others who have been where you dad is and are turning RCC into a chronic disease.  There are therapies available today that did not exist a few years ago and more are in the works, RCC is no longer a death sentence.

    Hang in there,


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    Thank you Gary! I will!!

    Thank you Gary! I will!!

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    Thank you Gary! I will!!

    Thank you Gary! I will!!


    In response to your posting and Gary's answer, I updated my story for you and others to read. By the way I have also been in health care for 35 years as a physical therapist.