Update after MRI - Any comments or experience with kidney biopsy still welcome

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To summarize what has gone on previous - CT found 3.4cm mass on lft kidney. 1st doc had never seen a tumor like mine before and recommended open kidney surgery, biopsy during surgery to identify, then take 1/2 or all of the kidney. 2nd doc had never seen one like my tumor either. He was highly acclaimed as high performing in urology. He's seen and taken out some similar. He felt strongly it was benign. He recommended biopsy. He felt risk of biopsy spreading possible cancer if it was cancer was very low. The radiologist looked at the CT, felt the mass might have fluid in it and needed an MRI to confirm. Fluid could be cyst or infection, so biopsy too dangerous until we found out. As of now, no one knows what it is or has seen one like it before. It's flat, very smashed up between my ribs, fat and kidney. It appears to possibly be in the fatty tissue. No one is sure of anything right now.


The mystery deepens. So I got the MRI today, see above for the summary of current status. But yes,, more of a mystery. I can't totally discern all of the MRI "Impression" but have done some research to get an idea. I will have my doc explain it in easy terms. But basically it is not fluid filled. So now it is definitely a mass. So now I am scheduled for a biopsy this next Tuesday 3/5. Yes, I will probably freak out over that, like I have mentioned - not good with any medical procedures. I did okay today on the MRI, but still so not comfortable with any medical stuff. So on to the biopsy.

The MRI impression report basically confirmed the mass, confirmed the adrenal gland having a lesion, it confirmed the size as it was in January, but for some reason showed a 2nd measurement on there. It was 3.4 cm on 1/1, this says 3/4 cm, but a second measurement on there shows 3.5 cm by 12.8 cm and I can't tell what that is regarding. It shows that my liver duct is dialated, not sure what that means. Everything else is normal i.e. pancrease, gall bladder, abdomen. The most concerning part is it shows fatty tissue loss between the mass and abdominal wall, then in the summary below it shows concern for RCC but can't exclude angiomyopiloma which is a benign tumor, but then specifies that angiomyopilomas do not invade the abdominal wall. What?! Something is invading my abdominal wall? And it could be RCC, but no one knows what my creature is. Wow.

Onward we go. Still not identified, hopefully we do the biopsy, identify it and know where we are going. I am nervous for the biopsy. I hope it causes no problems. I hope it really just doesn't hurt that much and we just get an answer. Hoping for a good answer.

In the mean time I will be getting my doc to decipher the MRI impression so I understand it.

Thanks again for your help. Anyone else with kidney biopsy experience I welcome your input. It really helps. This site is amazing.