Thymic carcinoma


my father is said to have inoperable thymic carcinoma. He did radiation and chemo beforesurgery to try an shrink it. Once they went in for surgery they could not remove it because it wathat teaches to his heart and lungs. Whilewaiting to start over he had a few dizzyspells, busted his head open and all the other fun healissues sues that came with it. Now he has been doing radiation and chemo again and in the beginning it shrunk about 20% but now there has been no change in size for awhile. Seems like he's at a stand still, any other treatments out there? He's thinking of taking an herbal approach, diet and nutrition wise. Concerning vitamins and minerals that help fight off cancer? What's next? Really...


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    any trials offered ?


    I'm not experienced on this dx.  But I would ask about any proven trials for your Father.  Falls are very scary, and never ever wanted.  I'm so sorry things are so rough right now.  Please keep asking the questions of the onc's, and maybe someone else will pop in here.  Just wanted to let you know we're here for you !   Katie

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    I had to look it up to see

    what Thymic Carcinoma was.....and I found that there is a thread on this board regarding your mom's type of cancer from 2011...

    In that thread someone posted about a Yahoo group for people with this type of cancer and link to it.  The link is on the side to join the Yahoo group.

    Pat (Longtermsurvivor) may see your post and have more to add.....wish I could help you out more.


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    2nd opinion

    Hi there and welcome.

    I would suggest you get a second opinion.  Your father's cancer is very rare, therefore, perhaps another opinion might give a different perspective....and more hope.

    If dad is still in treatment (radiation & chemo), make sure you tell the medical team of any supplements he may be taking....some things are not allowed during treatment as they may cause the treatment to be less effective.

    Sending good vibes your way.