2nd treatment over


Just finished 2nd treatment and was disconnected yesterday afterNoon.   Anyone else ever experience jittery like feelings throughout the body like too much caffeine?  


  • Coloncancerblows
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    I get my second treatment on

    I get my second treatment on Wed. so I'm going to be aware and see if this happens.  Hope you feel better girl!  Kiss

  • Trubrit
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    Probably the sterioids

    I'm only on chemo three, so don't really know what I'm talking about, but I do get kinda antsy after my chemo. I figured its the steroids, so we'll see what other, more experienced members here have to say. 


  • swordranch
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    I just got hooked up for my twelth and last treatment today.  No doc here but my guess is that it is probably the steroid.  Have you ever been on them before?  Give you lots of energy and keep you awake.  But on another note I have heard of people having to stop the 5FU regime because of heart issues so make sure you talk to your doc asap.