When are you cured?

Are you ever cured from prostate cancer?  I had RLRP November 5th, all has gone well 1st PSA 0.03 2nd PSA at 3 months 0.01.  So when can you relax, 5 years, 10 years?  I wish everyone that has this disease could have the same experience as I have had so far.  Good luck guys and gals.


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    I wish that I had the answer that you want to hear but as my wife (who is a breast cancer survivor from 2008-09) and I (prostate cancer 2010-11) have found, the real answer is never. We have learned to use the phrase "disease free" as in "Just got my PSA results and I'm still disease free!). As both our oncologists have told us, for these cancers that's the best you get. It may never come back--and that's what we all hope for--but you'll never be sure that it won't. I guess you can stop being concerned when you're too old for treatment anyway! Smile


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    I have agree with SeattleJ.  I started my venture in 2007 had a Gleason of 9 (5+4). Had an RP/ IMRT 32 Treatments and 1 Hormone Treatment. 2009 the numbers started to increase and was placed by on HT treatments (Lupron) and continues today. Had some issues that showed up in 2010 and thought they were related only to find a second cancer in the bladder. (This was a shocker). I have  to advise you to never let your guard down. You have cancer and it sucks ! You need to enjoy your life every day and keep an eye on this monster inside of you and hope that you are a long term survivor and never let it get into head. I wish only the best for you.

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    So I guess I'll consider

    So I guess I'll consider myself in remission for 3 months at a time for the next year.