Haveing kidney surgery dome in March 2013


little about me 49 male good health last Oct 2012  my GP tols me since i am almost 50 that i should have a colonoscopy all well there then Dr. did a us and found a 17 mm mass on right kidney, stated their was a 10 to 30 % chance it was cancer so he order a ct with cantrast showed soild mass, so was referred to a urology, this doctor order another MRI this was 3 weeks after my first CT scan, returned 3 weeks later this dR told me and wife  you have cancer have to have kidney removed and go see this surgon, well my GP call me and he had read all the reports told me to small of a mass do not worry about it,  Well my head was spinning, so i went to see 5 Dr, who only do kidney surgery, All 5 stated the mass should be removed, 3 Dr are not sure if it is cancer 2 are sure, well anyway, March 2013 i go in for surgery have the Di vinci system do it, But i am still scared. never had surgery done before do not know what to exspect. worry i will not make it.



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    Been there . Done that.


    Not fun being told you have Cancer and then major surgery out of the gate. With 5 Drs familiar with your mass all saying get it out there is no reason to get a 6th opinio, At 18mm (1,8cm) it is fairly small for a Kidney tumor and the surgery alone should be enough for a full recovery. Many on this board can only wish for a prognosis as good as yours.

    You would not be normal if you were not scared of surgery. I sure was. Mine wwas 10 amd 1/2 years ago. The surgery is not fun, but in this day and age it is routine, You are going to be out of it for a day after surgery and then basically lying on the couch for a week or two. Then back to your normal activities in 4 to 6 weeks (the extreme sfuff will take a bit longer).

    There are a lot of posts here on recovery. One tip. The pain releavers make you constipated. No person in his right mind wants to be constipated a weekn after abdominal surgery. Get some stool softeners.

    Down the road you will look at this as a mere bump in the road.