Caregiver down for the count

Friday night my hubby ended up taking me to the ER.  I had norovirus.  I got IV fluids and Zofran and reglan.  I have never been so miserable.  I have slowly been recovering ....up to saltines and applesauce today.  What I am most upset about is the possibility of giving this to,my hubby.  He is 3-4 weeks out of treatment and would be hospitalized for sure.  And because I have been in bed for 2 days, he has had to take care of kiddos.  He is tired....more than he should be.  Has any other caregiver had a serious virus and worried about passing it,along?  We head Tuesday to his onc MD for a check-up.  He is having a really hard time getting enough calories.  He was not able to get a peg because his anatomy was not safe for them to place one.

Ready for better days.






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    Cancer Is

    Cancer is a whole family affair. Can't believe what it takes from each individual. Hang on. My caregiver is under for other reasons; but the big picture is the same. For good or for bad, our children are grown but unfortunately live out of state. Stay strong and support one anther, as I know you will Rick.

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    get your own bucket



    I have had the norovirus (before cancer) and it kicked the heck out of me.


    I lived primarily on smoothies for the 7 months following treatments.  Besides all the good protein powder, fruits and nuts I would pour in an ounce or so of Canola Oil for extra calories.  You have to make the drinks count so dump in the calories


    I hope you feel better, but wonder if your husband (while tired) feels pretty good about stepping up.





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    Feel Better!


    So glad you are feeling better, at least enough to eat something. We moved to Philly during treatment in the height of the flu, and then Dan was in the hospital where all the sick people were.. we were very lucky. But several relatives that saw him for moments at distances, got ill within a few days of seeing him. So we did sweat it out a few times, but he got lucky. Maybe all that radiation and chemo kill off more than cancer too.

    Hope you all do well..


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    While I didn't have what you had, I had have a 24 hour virus and not able to keep anything down nor able to function well and really worry about my husband getting it and knowing how hard it would be on him.  Every time he has a procedure, I get scared because all of our grown children live out of town and I am solely responsible for being sure to get my husband to the hospital for the procedure.  He could drive himself to but not from.

    Wishing the best for you and your husband, Sharon


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    I hope today finds you feeling even

    better than'd you get so lucky to run into that!! 

    It is tough getting all the calories you need after treatment (and common amongst the patients)'s just a matter of plugging along.  I'm still quite a bit under the weight I was when I started treatment.....I think the body is burning them off faster even after this long....still healing. 


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    Sorry to hear that. I never had the norovirus but my wife did catch that nasty flu that hit over the holidays and i caught it!! It was horrible!!! I was sick for three and a half weeks. It was so tough to shake. I could not breath out my nose so i had to use afrin to clear up the sinuses because breathing out my mouth was not an option being dry from the rads.

    It's a constant fear that i will get sick again. Doctors told me that my immune system should not be affected but i say "ya...right!". The immune system is compromised becasue your body is fighting the damage already done by the rads. Throw a virus in there and whoa! Double whammy!

    So bottom line.....yes a caregiver can pass on an illness. It's very tough to avoid doing it. We wipe down all common items like door knobs, phone, keyboard and so forth with clorox wipes, wash hands and pray for the best.


    God Bless,



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    Not sure how we did it, but no one else in my family got the virus from me.  I did wash all clothes, towels, sheets many times and bleached everything and was obsessive about hand washing.  So far....a week out and no one else seems to have caught it.....knock on wood.  my hubby's WBCs are still low a month out.....hoping to get those and REd blood cells up too.


    Thx, Kirsten