Please help, Dad has Colon Cancer Matastisized to Liver - hasn't got on chemo yet


Can anyone lend any advice please.  Long story short Dad who I've never seen sick in my life went to the ER on Feb 10th for abdominal pain that was going on for a few weeks, CT showed nodules on liver and colon.  Saw a oncologist 4 days later, set up a liver biopsy for 2 weeks later, in the mean time we got him in for a colonoscopy, surgeon who did the procedure said it was cancer and sent off the biopsy of the colon tumor to verify (tumor is in the cecum) .  Devastating thing is doctor thinks the tumor was missed udring a colonoscopy a couple years back.    The results came back in Friday the 22nd - Cancer.  The same day we took him into the ER - pain was horrible, bloated and yellowish color.  ER did blood work and CT scan.  THe blood work showed his white blood cell count was high (higher than 2 weeks prior) and of course his liver function was low ... CT scan showed air and some fluid but doctors were't concerned and would've released him that night but he opted to stay overnight.   He is suppsed to get a port installed this upcoming week to start chemo on the March 4th .... has anyone out there been this sick and had their liver struggling this much prior to chemo ... do you have any advice?    We are in major shock ... we've never dealt this this before and the doctors help (or lack there of) is mind boggling.  We can't tell if they don't want to say too much because they have NO good news or what.     My worst fear is hs liver continues to get worse and they don't do chemo ..;. I'm not sure how it all works.    He is in good spirits most of the time and we are trying juicing, teas and low sodium to try to help liver and are open to any other advice on diet   Right now he has no swelling in the legs or ankles. 

Can someone please offer any advice ... me and Mom are really struggling to make sense of it all


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    So sorry for your struggle.  I did not have the liver problems prior so cannot help there, but we all have prior problems different from others and we just try to stay positive and deal with them as they come.  I am one year into this on the 1st of March and just today was hooked up for my twelth and last post-surgery chemo.  Blessing to you and your family.  I hope that they can go a head with treatment.  Please stay in contact, I know how shocking it can be.


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    if your interested in supportive therapies in addition to  conventional treatments you can read defeat cancer on amazon , its free when i downloaded it, i am enjoying rereading it at the moment. you might find its opinions interesting.



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    My advice

    My only advice here is get a note book, write down EVERY SINGLE QUESTION that comes to you. Don't worry about it being small or insignificant. If his bowel movements have changed, ask if this has anything to do with it. If his eyes sight seems squirly, if his fingers tingle (these are the little things).  Nothing is off limits when asking a Doctor questions. 

    And, make sure they answer them all. 

    Having faith in your Doctors is a huge deal in my book. If they can't look me in the eye and answer my questioins, I go elsewhere. At first my Oncologist would address his thoughts to my husband, so I politely told him I was in the room, I was the one with cancer, and I was the one he should be looking at. 

    I hope that the port insertion goes well today.  Its a Godsend having one for sure. 

    How old is your dad? 

    Also (and you know, this is just my advicet) don't fret over what was in the past. It wastes energy, and energy to face the future is what you need. My GI Doc, told me my tumour had been there a long time, so I spent endless sleepless nights thinking 'What if' What if I'd had that colonoscopy at 50. Waste of time and energy! 

    I will be thinking and praying for your father today.

    Be sure to come update us, and I know others will help you along the way with advice and stories of their own battles.