Any Scholarships out there for students of Prostate cancer survivors?

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My son who is 18 is starting college in the fall, just wondering if there is any scholarship money out there for those children who help thier fathers surive prostate cancer?


Thanks for your help


My information:


My Information:

 PSA: 4.9 (Initial test performed Feb 14th)

Antibotics taken for 6 weeks prior to next test.

PSA: 4.9 (March 1st)

April  13th – 12 Biopsy of Prostate taken

April 20th – 6-12 Biopsies had cancer, Gleason Score of 7, Stage IIB

April 26th – Bone Scan/Cat Scan

June 3rd – Hospital Testing/ EKG /Registration

June 7th – EndoRectal MRI

June 14th – Surgery performed