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Curious if any of you ladies have participated in a clinical trial with the vaccine ADXS11-001.  I am from the gynboards with metastatic cervical cancer which is almost always HPV induced the same as with anal cancer.  This vaccine targets the E6 or E7 protein displayed on HPV viral induced tumors.  They are in phase II trials with cervical cancer and saw that they have a trial for anal cancer as well.  I currently am not eligible for the trial because I have no measurable disease and am as such simply suffering through the chemos.  Nothing else to do.  Just wandering if anyone on theseboards have participated in a trial using this vaccIne therapy?  Significantly extended life fr cervical cancer patients Ina phase 1 trial.  Thanks.


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    I do not know of anyone on this board who is currently participating in a clinical trial, but I could be incorrect.  If anyone is, I hope they post a response to you.  Thank you for the information.