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I saw and endo for my thyroid he was not interested at all with that part of my body more interested in my onj from zometa . As for my low blood sugar his answer was to see a dietation sorry about the spelling. I told I couldnt because I have almost no teeth left in my mouth . I hope later today to pickup my dentures from the denist later. He wants me to get 30yr med records for him to read. Never mind go to his office when I am in a low blood sugar attack so he can see it . Which I told him I cant run to his office during one Does he want me died? Then they tried to draw blood they could get any so I have to find a lab or a hospital that maybe . Chemo has taken my viens from me. He want me to stop the tyriod med which is low dose stop the b-12 and magium for the nervepain . Doesnt care I will be unable to do things if this meds are stop . I look at the script he wrote for the blood test and it has a dx code on that the insurance wont pay for the test.  I talk with the onco he said try and wait until you are able to eat right again them try to have the blood draw again. if I have a port place back they dont use the port for blood draws . If I get a pic line atleast I know how to flush if they give me the stuff to flush it


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    I am so sorry and want to

    I am so sorry and want to send you the biggest hug ever!

    Sue :(

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    How are you doing?  Did you

    How are you doing?  Did you get your new dentures?  Are you able to eat now?  In my chemo class they recommended carnation breakfast essentials (it used to be carnation instant breakfast).  Have you tried that to get some nutrition?

    Please let us know how you're doing.




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    I am sorry

    It is very hard journey. Big hug