Cervical Cancer Stage 2B

My mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer in Dec 2012. She had surgery in January 2013. Her right ovary, lymph nodes, fallopian tubes and mass in her uterus were removed by robotic Davinci surgery. She went to her Dr today, and he told her even though he did a partial hysterectomy, the tumor on her cervix still exists and she will need radiation/chemo treatment for 5 weeks. Please let me know if this type of treatment for a Stage 2B cervical cancer works??? She hasnt begun the treatment yet..but im hoping she will beat this. She had a minor heart attack 2 yrs ago and takes warfarin..and i hear that the radiation can cause problems when taking this medication.  Please...anyone who has info about this..and what to look out for..share your story. Thank you kindly.


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    Hi Stacy,
    Im sorry for your

    Hi Stacy,

    Im sorry for your moms diagnosis.  I was stage 2a and had a radical hysterectomy followed by chemo/radiation.  The success rate for chemo/radiation vs surgery seems to be very similar and so I Believe that your mom can beat this.  It's a tough road but very manageable.  Good luck.  Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Hi Stacey

    Hi Stacey i am 51 now last May 2012 they found a 15cm tumor in my uterus, i went ahead and a radical hysterectomy and then the low dose chemo therapy and radiation...... I finished up treatments in october..... but i took a CA 125 blood test last week and they found cancer cells, i do not have the best oncologist she keeps things from me, but my radiation oncologist was straight up honest, im sorry stacey i wish i could give you good news, if i had it all to do over again i would do the low dose chemotherapy only....then let them take a blood test CA 125 and see if i have any cancer cells left, tthe radiation was terrible for me hugs to you...darlene