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I started a new post because I have noticed that the new posts are answering old ones.  I am a BC survivor of more than 15 years and have experienced many lumps through my survival years.  After a mastectomy had other lumps in healthy breast and after1 biopsy had it too removed one year to day of the first one.  My lumps am sure showed them a thing or two but I don't think there are any garauntees on lumps not turning into something later.

I have had lumps in my arms and chest all benign and grateful for that but always find lumps due to pain in the area.  I now have lumps in my neck and finally having them looked at though I do not race to the doctor at the sign of any lump I wait and see if it will go away and then wait and see if my health will be affected and each time it is...

I am interested to know if those with bone cancer or other lumps have had such an experience since I do have other symptoms much like my first round.  I do not get anxious or uptight about this for it is what it is and I have been very lucky but wonder if lumps are a sign of something I do not know...

Thanks Tara