Ascites Hernia repair

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just checking in recovering from duel Inguinal hernia surgery. What fun this is? Anyway I had developed quite a pounch down there and my Primary Care Doctor said it was caused by small amounts of ascites leaking into that area but it was not a hernia. So trusting doctors as I do I went to a Hernia surgeon. He said I had two or duel Inguinal hernias. Apparently caused by abdominal pressure when my abdomen got to be @52 inches fluid filled about ten years ago and weakened the wall. The ascites caused by chemo-induced Cirrhosis due to 12 treatments of Folfox. Anyway my surgeon warned me that the hernia operation could kill me. He said if the wall ruptured and ascites would continue to run like a leaky faucet which they could not stop and thus death. I thought death by hernia after three bouts of cancer and're kidding. He was very serious but felt the benefits out-weighted the risks? Well I'm home healing after about four days now. I am surprised by what got so black and blue and swollen down there. It's a sac like thing with well you get the idea. The sac etc was no where near the incision sites so very weird I thought but a commin occurrance I guess. I'm hoping this is the last scar placement exercise they do for a while. In May I have the CT/Scan and CEA to check if my liver cancer remains gone. So a little scary in May. If it's back I'm done and I know it unless there is more money to be made in cancer's cure than the cancer industry curently collects for all the tests; treatments; appointments....sorry a little annoyed. I read that they are very close to a cure for leukemia after just a billion in research. Of course they always seem so close when asking for just a billion more in funding. Hope you guys are doing well. Take Care Lou 


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    Good luck, man.

    I'm pullin' for ya'!



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    Glad you made it through and thanks for checking in. I hope you heal up nicely.