Diagnosed with 2 forms of breast cancer

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In December bisopsy found DCIS......I was told this was a "diagnosis" but that fina; pathology would be done at time of lumpectomy which I have had and pathology just returned last week.  Consult today indicates pathology now show invasive ductal carcinoma PLUs LOBULAR (Invasive)......Lobular has now taken it to STAGE 1 where it was STAGE 0....BUT, THIS IS A CREEPING DIAGNOSIS....This Invasive Lobular is "speckled" on 4 of the 6 sides of the lumpectomy and altho very minute "speckles"...surgeon does NOT feel confident that he can go back in and "get around it" with a larger lumpectomy since it it is in varied places.  He has recommended a mastectomy and at that time, lymph nodes will be tested.......CREEPING CANCER??   He says this is a very early stage cancer and Lobular did NOT show on the Mammogram.

Has anyone else experienced this and any suggestions or comments?  What should I research?