Is second opinion recommended with Gleason score of 10?


I learned last week Tuesday I had an aggresive cancer in my prostate.  It started with my PSA = 12.30 on a routine bloodwork test for my insurance wellness program (new to me this year).  Biopsy of 10 samples taken, 5 from each side; my doc tells me left side gleason scores are 7's and right side are 10's.  He highly recommends complete prostate removal.  CT & Bone scans done last Friday show clean, so I have appointment with surgeon on the 21st to consult and schedule surgery.  I am opting to go with robotic procedure.

I was wondering if I am being too hasty with following the doc's advise?  Should I get another opinion? or with the agressivness dictate that I just get it removed?  I'm 61 yrs old and want to be around awhile yet.

Anyone have similar numbers and complete removal?  How bad are the side-effects on bladder control?  I've done some reading in this forum and now wonder if surgery is the way to go.

Thanks in advance for sharing any info that will help me in the next few weeks.

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    Second Opinion

    I think a 2nd opinion on your biopsy slides and the recommended treatment options are both in order regardless of your Gleason score.

    For a 2nd opinion on the biopsy, I recommend Dr. Jonathan Epstein at Johns Hopkins.  As for the 2nd opinion on the recommended treatment, I suggest you find someone well regarded w/in your community who is willing to discuss options in addition to surgery.

    Good luck!

    PS:  Looks like this is a duplicate thread and I've reposted this reply in the other thread as well.