Vulvar Cancer: Lymph Nodes removed from Groin Area...healing problems/pain.

I had surgery two and a half weeks ago for a very rare form of cancer in the vulva.  It's not vulva cancer but a very rare form of cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Vulva .  I am told I am only the 26th case in the USA to have this.   Nevertheless, I am dealing with many of the things you guys with vulvar caner are dealing with, surgery, upcoming radiation, and of course, the diagnosis of cancer (again, I am a five year breast cancer survivor).

My question is this.  I am having issues with the area which they removed the lymph nodes in my groin.  They only removed several "sentinal" nodes, but the incision is painful.  And it seems inflamed and puffy.  I had a lymph drain in for about a week and the draining slowed down quite a bit, but then it did still come out once the drain was removed.  That too has slowed down but now I'm wondering if that has anything to do with this painful incision in my groin (about 3 inches long).  It's red, puffy, and inflammed.  I don't go back to the docs till Wed. and just wondered if anyone else experienced slow healing of this particular area.