Looking for Referral for Urologist in Portland, OR for 2nd Opinion

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I want to get a 2nd opinion on my lab results.  Is it best to stay with the same Dr and have him request the slides be sent to a different lab or find a new Dr and have him send the slides?




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    Great Portland Urologist

    Jim - I've read your several posts.  I'm 5 years out from having DaVinci in Portland, after 3 years of Active Surveillance.  My cancer was discovered via biopsy (my PSA was never over 2) and at the beginning of those 3 years, I consulted with several surgeons and radiologists (including Dr Lowe) before finding a Dr who agreed with my research that "watching" was appropriate for me, given that some of my biospies found cancer, and one didn't.  I did a lot of self-research.  Most Dr's wanted to immediately "do something".   (I believe, over the past 5 years, that some Dr's are more open to "watching" than they were for me, at that time.)  During this time, I concluded that DaVinci was what I would do, if I needed to.  Surgery 1st leaves one the option of radiation later, should the cancer return.  Radiation 1st leaves fewer options if the cancer returns.

    I was happy to find Dr Brian Shaffer, a Urologist and surgeon in Portland/Beaverton, who worked with me until such time as the newest biopsy (I had one every 6 months) showed a marked increase in the amount of cancer found, along with a rising (but still under 2) PSA.  At his own request, he sent that last biopsy sample to a different lab for a 2nd review (thus answering your question).  We then jointly decided to have the surgery.  I would highly recommend Dr Shaffer.  He will listen and work with you.

    Regarding the “nerve” issue, you have 2 nerve bundles which control erection.  “Nerve Sparing” surgery is what the Dr will almost always attempt, unless he can tell that the cancer has spread outside of the prostate.  Surgery will always “abuse” them, as they must be pushed out of the way, but they return to function if they were indeed spared.  Viagra can help, as long as some of the nerves remain.  These nerves, however, are NOT the ones which control the pleasure of orgasm.  Orgasmic nerves are not affected by surgery.  Thus, even a soft penus can be stimulated to cause an orgasm.

    You’re not alone, my friend.  Good luck.

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    I recommend Dr. Shaffer

    Dr. Shaffer was my urologist for several years. I left him behind seven years ago when I moved out of Beaverton. I attest to his gentleness and competance. Dr. Shaffer's predecessor in that office was Dr. Brian O'Halloran. He was the surgeon who removed my prostate, in 1991. I have had some ups and downs since that time, but my cancer has been in remission for over four years. 

    I wish you luck, and success.