I'm back, but I have to clear up a few other health issues

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Those of you familiar with my story know that following surgery my wife scheduled a Southern Caribbean Survivor Cruise. I just came back from number 11. Anyway the last 4 dats I have been pertty sick with upper resperatory ailments. Possibly pnemonea but the fever is either low or not there. Ships Dr. gave me some medicine. Saturdays 15 hours of travel back was horrable and I may go to the ER in the morning. I have read a lot of interesting posts from the past 10 gats and will try and add my 2 bits worth when I feel better.




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    iceman back

    Here's hoping you're feeling fine again soon and ready to resume duties - lotta people here need to know iceman's got their back!

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    Welcome back

    Glad to see you've returned and sorry the Cruise wasn't as much fun as you normally experience. Take care of YOU before you start looking in on us. We need you healthy. You've been missed.