All Done :)


Well, my last treatment was last Thursday.  So thankful to be done.  I wanted to go over a few of my post treatment pains and side effects.  Of course I still have internal pain when I have a bm. I'm still drinking a lot of my meals hoping I don't have to go as often.  I suspect that will let up some in the next couple of days.  That is still the most awful thing I've ever experienced.  I also have awful stinging in my vaginal area still.  Mostly right where the urine comes out.  (Sorry I'm not good at anatomy). I'm not sure why that's not healing faster.  The exterior of my bum is doing great with just a few little areas still healing.  The other symptom that scares me a little is my fatigue level.  If I even walk up the stairs my heart starts just pounding away.  I know others talk about fatigue but is this normal? I can't grab a load of laundry without breaking out in a sweat and feeling like my heart is going to jump out of my chest.  Hoping to be back at work in a couple of weeks :)  Thanks for everyones support!


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    Sounds like you are healing fast.  Congratulations.


    The out of breath and heart pounding was part of my experience and the head rushes and the blacking out.  My blood pressure before tx was 110 over 60 now 87/43 the living dead. Ha ha.  Seriously 5 fu is known for decreasing blood pressure and upping the heart rate.  The breathlessness has passed unless I am exhausted.  Can't remember how long it took, it just went away.  The bp however remains a problem and that can be effected by weight gain or loss.  Keep moving and you will improve.  Rest for me was the enemy.i rested too much thinking I would improve.  I see here the people who exercised throut tx and after fare the best.  I have never recovered from the fatigue.  Sometimes I have to pull over and just takes time!

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    It is still very early in your post-treatment phase and things are going to take a little while to ease up.  Keep up with the fluids and liquid meals if that is working for you.  Also, just take a short walk every day, hopefully out in the fresh air and sunshine.  You are in mile 1 on the road to recovery.  Things will speed up, believe me!

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    I've been all done for a few months

    As I think you'll see from other people here we all have a different experience of treatment and recovery.  I finished treatment in mid-October.  My burns healed well in about 2 weeks.  I had urinary tract pain near the end of treatment and for several weeks after - that area was also in the radiation field for me so I actually was burned there as well.  It helped me to have a prescription for pyridium which is used to numb the urinary tract when you have an infection.  It still didn't completely dull the "peeing razor blades" experience but it did help.  What also helped there was a dabbing on some lidocaine gel before going.

    My fatigue level began to improve within a few weeks.  I began very slow short walks in my neighborhood after my treatment ended.  I swear at first I could barely make it around the block but I did steadily improve.  I needed naps every day for at least a month.  After that I just needed to lie down and rest a little each day.  I don't much now but once in a while I am just overcome with fatigue and collapse into a short mid-day sleep.  

    I haven't gone back to work yet.  I will be starting back part-time in March.  Stamina and bowel issues are still concerns and I've decided that I will ease back into work rather than immediately going to full-time.  I think if I tried full-time I would collapse by the end of the first week.

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    Congratulatons on being finished with treatment! If it still burns when you urinate, have you tried using a squirt bottle with room temperature water to dilute the urine while you are urinating? It helps with that stinging.

    It will take time to build your body back up and you will feel fatigued for awhile. Diet is really important to rebuild your body again. It will make all the difference. I never went to a liquid diet, but if you choose to stick with liquids, you could use a blender or vitamaster to add nutritious and organic ingredients. Protein is essential to healing and you should boost that intake up. You could add organic peanut butter to smoothies or soup. I believe that what we put into our bodies after this cancer treatment makes a huge difference. Avoiding fats and processed foods will help your digestive system and your body.

    Take good care of yourself now and give yourself time to heal.