Very low blood pressure with Stage 4 colon cancer


Hey everyone, I'm back with another question. Of the ones of you who have or had Stage 4 Colon Cancer, did you also suffer from low blood pressure & light headedness? My husband is anemic & is on iron pills, so I was just wondering if that is a common occurance with this type of cancer.....Thanks in advance! Kris


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    Not me

    No, to both.

    Winter Marie

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    low blood pressure

    When I started my stage IV colon cancer battle... november 2011, i was also anemic... then started FolFox6 and Erbitux.

    blood pressure was always low. very low. 

    remind him not to get up too fast and try and walk too quickly... I fainted a few times from the light headedness.

    be careful walking too fast or jumping up to do something... low blood pressure can lead to other problems.

    I cann't recall doing anything special... I think i ate more salty stuff.

    i was also on iron pills... they work. 

    and, when it got really low... I got a blood transfusion (well, i call it a couple pints of blood) which also helped greatly and an iron i.v. treatment too. 

    it gets better!  trust me on that one.

    just make sure he gets as much rest as possible, and again... listen to the body and if he light headed... rest and let it catch up to you.


    now, I'm on Xeloda and Avastin... and high blood pressure is a common sympton from this combination.


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    Kris -

    He’s just been diagnosed with colon cancer and hasn’t begun chemical or radiation therapy, right?

    It sounds like he's dehydrated. Dehydration will cause low blood pressure, and that will result in  “lightheadedness”.

    Intestinal obstructions can often be the cause a dehydrated condition. If you have a blood pressure device at home, take the reading while he’s laying down, and again when he’s standing; there should not be a drop of more than ten points. If there is, it’s likely due to dehydration.

    Your last letter suggests he’s going to the ER or to a Dr’s appt’ this morning (if he hasn’t already), so they can resolve that issue then. But make sure you tell them that you suspect dehydration, otherwise it might get overlooked!

    Best wishes,



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    Yes, colon cancer can cause

    Yes, colon cancer can cause anemia according to my doctors.  Slowly bleeding from you colon, even small undetectable amounts of blood to the eye over a long period of time causes this.  Colon cancer remember is a slow growing cancer that takes many years to get to stage III or IV.  I know of people who have been diagnosed of colon cancer because anemia was their first symptom.

    I am not sure of the low blood pressure. I had high blood pressure up until my tumor was removed. Believed to be my body reacting to the tumor and it being up against blood vessels. 


    Best to you and Jason.