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Greetings, all . . . .

I'm thankful to have finally found this site after realizing what a "lonely" cancer this is to have, and how uninformed both the public and many medical personnel are.  I confess to a bit of cyber-stalking over the last few days, as I've attempted to get my ducks in order.

My story, I'm sure, is pretty typical:  Went in on 1/9/13 for overdue routine colonoscopy, expecting to have a few polyps as I did in 2004, and hoping to have something done about my pesky growing hemorrhoid, which hemorrhaged in mid-December.  [Had been without insurance, and hence medical care, for about 6 years post-divorce.]

I was obviously shocked to discover my hemorrhoid was actually anal cancer.  Two biopsies have not given us much to work with, because the tumor is so damn friable and we've not been able to get a good sample.  The next two weeks involved CT scans of abdomen and pelvis, meetings with colorectal surgeon and both oncologists, PET scan, simulation, etc.  My external tumor is about 2 x 3.5 cm, half-moon shaped, extends along the anterior wall internally, is evidently in two nodes in my groin.  The PET scan also revealed that my thyroid is hot, so when I am all through with this treatment, I'll have to attack the thyroid cancer.

After battling with medical support staff all week that didn't seem to understand the sequencing of this treatment protocol, problems have seemingly been resolved.  Treatment begins tomorrow morning, Monday, at 11:15.  I'm anxious to hit this as hard as I can and put it behind me.  Just hope I can keep my strength up, avoid neutropenia and having to take a break because of burns.

Question:  My tumor is "weepy", continually giving off a fluid with pus, which horrendously irritates my butt cheeks.  Have any of you encountered this?


~~  Penny


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    Hi ww0808ww

    Hi - Sorry you had this diagnosis. This board is a wonderful source of information and support. Welcome.

    I had two external tumors. One of them was oval shaped and flat and had some weeping. It didn't burn, but it did have a bad odor. The other one was flower shaped - didn't weep but it did bleed once and was very sore.

    Good luck tomorrow. It's a fairly short journey, although it probably doesn't seem like it right now. Wishing you all the best.



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    Hi Penny--

    I'm so sorry you have a need to join this group, but am glad you've found us.  I hope you'll find this site helpful and supportive.  Your story is much like mine, being led to believe that my bleeding was caused by a hemorrhoid, then blind-sided by a diagnosis of anal cancer.  I was frightened beyond belief and feeling doomed.  That was almost 5 years ago and I am still here and in pretty darned good shape!  Over the years, I've learned that this cancer has a high rate of survival, so you have every reason to be hopeful and positive that you will beat this disease. 


    You mentioned that your medical staff seemed a little out of touch in the beginning as to how to treat anal cancer.  I would suggest that you visit the site for the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, where you will find the most up-to-date treatment guidelines, along with a lot of good information about this disease, staging, and follow-up care after treatment.  You will need to register, but then you'll have access to all of this vital information.  Knowledge is power!  I would suggest becoming familiar with this information and discussing it with your doctors to make sure that you are all in agreement and on the same page as regards your treatment. 


    As for your tumor "weeping," I had lots of mucous with mine.  Before I was diagnosed, I had no clue what it was.  It is a common symptom of this cancer. 


    I wish you all the best as you begin your treatment tomorrow.  It will not be fun, but there are many things that you can do to lessen the side effects.  I hope you'll lean on us for some good tips on doing just that.  May your side effects be minimal and your treatment successful.  I wish you all the very best.

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    Welcome. Its always a mix of feelings welcoming someone to this family. So unfortunate that even one more person has to be here, but so blessed that we are here for each other. I was not involved with this site when going through treatment about two years ago, so had to put my trust in and questions to my medical team. Fortunately they did not let me down. It would have been so reasurring to be able to talk with others who have had the same experiences though. Keep in mind, no question here is too big, too small, or too embarrasing, and someone else here probably has the same one, and another person may have the answer!

    I will have you in my thoughts and prayers as you begin treatment......

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    I hope that your treatment is going well. Hang in there!