new cancer and bloody discharge


I had cancer in 2006, then a lumpectomy, then radiation. It was ok for six years then I developed angiosarcoma cancer from the radiation treatments in 2006. It is a rare cancer that any kind of treatments do not affect it , it keeps coming back. Only 1 or 5 percent not sure which number of the nation has it . It doesn't show up in mammogram's or blood tests. The cancer is in the blood cells. In August 2012 I noticed bruising on my breast. The cancer had come back I had half my breast removed. Then it came back again in November 2012 they done a mastectomy, put drains in. They removed the drains last of November 2012 . They drained it just about every week they still are draining it. In January 2013 I lifted up my arm to get something off the shelf, it felt like something pulled or tore , it really hurt and still does. I went in to be drained the drainage was very bloody instead of mostly clear, it concerned him I told him about I thought I hurt myself. He didn't hear me because he thought it was cancer, he seen another area he didn't like he sent a piece of the area and the drainage off. The drainage came back no cancer but the area came back angiosarcoma cancer. Now when I went back for surgery schedule he drained me again, it was very bloody and still hurts a lot, but he was looking to see where he could make the incision, he found more places he thinks is cancer. If it is my skin is so tight that he may have to do a skin graft. If it is deep he is not sure what he will do. He doesn't want to leave a deep hole in my chest I am still being drained all the time from last of November will, that continue while I do radiation if it hasn't spread from the area its in. Should I say I want an ex ray or something to see if I hurt myself? It hurts a lot and is sore if I move anywhere in that area. Would love any comments you may have. I have COPD and use oxygen 24 hours a day, have a heart disease, stomach problems, had a stroke behind my eye, bone problems, insulin dependent diabetic so they say no way in getting chemotherapy that my body was to weak. They are giving me radiation that started this cancer from the other radiation. They say this is my only chance. Sorry for such a long post. Has anyone had this or any ideas


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    I haven't had this and I am

    I haven't had this and I am so very sorry.  Sending big hugs and lots of support to you!