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I am currently in remission for non-hodgkin's lymphoma. Of course, one thought that lurks in the back of the mind is that once you've had one cancer, secondary cancers are more likely. And my doctor point blank told me that since the lymphoma was in a large tumor in my lungs, and since I am young, I have a greater risk for breast cancer. Thankfully, I refused radiation to the tumor, for radiation would have increased my risk for breast cancer even more.

Of course, I've done some research and such things say that it's better if breast cancer is caught sooner rather than later (what cancer isn't?). So I'm wondering, what did you first notice that showed there was something wrong? What symptoms did you have, if any? I am much younger than the recommended age for beginning mammograms, so in general, for now, I am just wanting to be alert. What did you notice, and what would you recommend? Any information would be helpful.