What supplement/vitamins lower PSA number

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Doctor called with the biopsy results and no cancer was found so of course I feel great about that. There were a few ASAP cells but he said we will just do another PSA in 3 months and keep a check on that. If I can find a vitamin or what ever to help in lowering the PSA then maybe I can keep from having to do another biopsy in the future.


  • djbuk
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    ......Pomegranate juice to lower psa. Also processed tomato based foods like ketchup, tomato puree etc. Plenty of information about these on the net. As for me i take vitamin D3 daily X 2.500 i.u, 500ml pomegranate juice, plenty of tomato based foods, NO MEAT and keep fairly active by walking everyday or 1 hr workout at gymn. 


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