When to Remove Tumor/Mass?



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    A couple of things

    Well argued Kathy. Let's hope Smarty justifies her pen-name and takes it all on board.

    Not so smarty...

    Smarty... OK you are a wuss... me too...   The first CT Scan I had, was without Contrast... no pain, simple, took like 20 minutes..   It showed a bunch of issues..   Then I got to a great Kidney Surgeon...  He insisted an both a CTScan and an MRI, yes with Contrast on the scan...  Not only did it confirm the problems, it also eliminated some of the unclear parts of the first scan, and told the true tale of what I needed....  Yes it was surgery... but I have to tell you it was all a piece of cake... the fear was 10 times worse than the reality....

    Plus if the tumor is small, then the sugery can most likely be done through a small slit...  done late.. well, I  have a very large scar...


    Follow the advice the others have given.. go see a proper doctor...  as stated a US is a wasted of time...  Good Luck