Surgery Soon


Boy, this website is truely a great source of information and inspiration from all of you who have already been through so much.  I truely applaud your strength and courage and wish everyone the best.  According to my doctor I don't have cancer but, I am having surgery in February to remove VIN III.  I have to admit that I am getting a little anxious.  Can someone tell me, do they normally check the pathology of the removed tissue while you're on the table, to make sure they have clear margins, or do you have to wait a few days for the results to come back?  I'm hoping this will end with only the one surgery.  Thank you to anyone who can answer.  Windie.


  • allymami
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    Unfortunaly they remove from certain areas send it off to the pathologist an call you a few days later depending on how fast they"hopital and doctor" move usually will have result in 3-4 days. I had my lymph nodes removed and still have bigger ones that are infected in me I almost felt like it was an experiment on there part to see how bad it was in areas  all over my pelvic stomach area.

    Wish you the best I hate surgeries but they are need for us. keep us posted on your finding and fingers crossed for postive out come and result.