long-term radiation survivor

My husband is a 19-year survivor of lymphoma. He was treated in 1994 with both chemo and radiation, not whole-brain but focused. In recent months, we have seen significant deteriorization of walking and cognition. The consensus is radiation damage. Has anyone else run into this? Suggestions for "treatment" or helpful therapies?



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    Where was the radition

    Where was the radition focused on your husband?  I had mantle radiation 23 years ago.  It has caused radiation fibrosis syndrome effecting my neck, back and arms.  I know of other survivors who have had whole body or pelvic radiation that are now is encountering walking problems.  Are you near a clinic that specializes in the folow up care of Long Term Survivors?  They probably would be your best bet to address any problems your husband is having.  As for my symptoms, specialized physical therapy is recommended to delay the progression of RFS.