Losing job and insurance

jinxygirl Member Posts: 4

I was diagnosed in November with stage 3 melanoma of unknown origin and will start Interferon treatments in a couple of weeks. I have already had surgery to remove lymph nodes and thankfully my PET scan was clear. My concern is the side effects of the treatments and the possibility of losing my job and insurance! Has anyone else gone through this? What did you do to pay for your treatments? I have read in several places about applying for SSD but that will not cover your treatments will it?

I have never been one to get sick so of course I never signed up for STD or LTD! I know that I have to do the treatments but I have no clue what my options are if I am let go from my job due to the possible side effects. If anyone has been through this please tell me what kind of help you were able to get...so stressed out!