Scared and not coping well

Hi, I am new here but I am scared and was researching Bladder Cancer when I came apon this.  I am 30 yrs old and my Dr. told me the other day she thinks I have bladder cancer.  This all started when they thought I had kidney stones and have been treating me for stones for about a year.  They finally did a CT and didn't find any stones but I still have blood in my urine.  I have pain in my lower back and abdomin and they have already ruled out and infection.  I don't know for sure that I have it but when my Dr told me that I kinda have sunk into this depression.  I am scared and my husband is scared.  I have been sad, mad, even skeptical.  My appt with a Urologist isn't till Feb 12th and today is Jan 24th.  That appt seems so far away.  Can anything get worse in that amount of time?  I really am new to all this.  I have beaten Cervial cancer with just a hysterectomy.  This I have found so far would lead to more then surgery.  I guess I am just really terrified about this.  Any ideas on how to cope till I find out for sure? Please any ideas are welcomed. 


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    Waiting for diagnosis is terrible

    I am new to this forum also.   What struck me when reading your post is that your doctor has been treating you for kidney stones for over a year without having done a CT scan to confirm that you have them, and in fact you don't have them.  That time is wasted and you could have gotten treatment underway if properly diagnosed.  The second thing is that your doctor told you that she thinks you have bladder cancer without knowing for sure.  Your doctor sounds very unprofessional, and based on these two things, I would be seeking a second opinion and not see her anymore.  Waiting almost a month to see specialist with the idea that you might have bladder cancer is absurd!  What a cruel way to treat someone!  It makes me mad that your doctor has put you in this impossible situation.  Of course you are upset!  Your doctor needs to be replaced and reprimanded for the harm she has done in delaying your diagnosis and treatment.  I am sorry you are going through this.  It makes me angry when people are treated the way you have been.    I hope and pray that the delay has not caused you undue harm.  If it has, then you may have a good case for malpractice!