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My baby sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago and underwent a mastectomy.  After surgery, something must have happened but she came out unable to open an eye! Had nothing wrong before the breast surgery. A tumor was found in the pituitary and removed by craniotomy. Eye is still half closed. I have a feeling they did something during the first surgery that caused the damage but can't prove it until I see operative notes. I have no idea what they could have done!  ALL this delayed appointment to oncologist for a treatment plan. Her husband is limited in his helping her and she missed her first appointment with the oncologist because of this issue. SHe has no transportation and depends on him or her daughter who is in college. She has rescheduled her appointment for Friday and still uncertain as to how she will get there.  Is there a network of assistance for transportation to medical appointments and treatment in the Las Cruces area? I am in New York and was thinking to fly over to assist but can't do it more than two weeks. I pushed her to call ACS for numbers but I don't think she has called any yet. SHe is worried about everything from deductibles, copays, to transportation and surviving. I want her to just focus on recovery but am not sure if she is listening.  She really needs a guide to help her navigate this cancer maze.  Anyone has suggestions? One thing to consider is that she has dealt with a mental condition that makes her suspicious of people and might be reluctant to reach out for help to strangers. Someone with excellent, loving interactive manners would be a great plus in assisting her with this monster looming over her. Any suggestion would be great! SHe needs a sort of an advocate, and reliable transportation.

Thank you!


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    I bet if

    you call the oncology office that she will be going to they would have ithis information.  I am not in NM either, but the group my doctor is in has a patient advocate.  It would be much better for her if someone is with her who could help and just having the second set of ears is really a great help.  Even if you cant be there, maybe if you called, you could relay the info to her.  Their office should know about transportation in the area.  Here, the city bus has a program for those with a disability where they will do pick-ups and transports to/from medical appts, grocery shopping, etc.  Just have to schedule in advance and be a little flexible (may end up a little early if they have more people going at a certain time).

    Best to all of you.  It is so good that you are helping her out.  One of my sisters flew here when I was diagnosed and it was amazing the questions she asked at my office that I hadn't even thought of, but her mind was much clearer at that time.  Seems like when we first hear the word cancer, we do not hear too much else after that! 


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    ACS in my area has a program

    ACS in my area has a program called 'raad to recovery'.  They organize rides to treatments.  If your sister is not driving, maybe she can take an anti anxiety med to help her deal with the new person doing the driving for her.

    Also you should be able to talk with a social worker, peer navigator, patient advocate (there are lots of names for that person) at the cancer center to find out what programs are available. 

    Perhaps you can set some things up by phone for your sister.  Then spend a week or so with your sister to help her adjust.

    Good luck to all of you.