Just diagnosed with Stage 3 Stomach/Esophagus adenocarcinoma

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My boryfrieds 71 yo Dad was just diagnosed with Stage 3 Stomach & esophagus cancer.  It was also in the lymph nodes around the mass in his stomach.

He has several other medical problems so i'm worried that these will significantly affect his recovery.  He has Type 2 diabetes, has only 2 functioning valves in his heart.

In fact, he had a heart attack in early Dec that resulted in the 2nd valve being damaged in his heart.

The Dr wants to give him 5 weeks of radiation starting next week.  Then in the 4th week of radiation, start him on chemotherapy.  I talked to a friend

that's an Oncologist last night and she suggested not doing the chemo since it is so hard on the body and will only provide another 8 weeks of longevity.

They also suggested doing surgery once he's done with the radiation & chemo to remove the upper stomach & lower esophagus.  I don't think he's strong 

enough to go through a surgery too!  


Anyone out there with any advice or experience with this combination of cancer?  Thx in advance!


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    One opinion is not enough

    I would encourage the patient to seek out 2 or 3 opinions before deciding on what treatment to undergo. What you hope for is some general agreement on the best next steps. I wish him the best.