Clear Cell Sarcoma


A dear friend of ours who is like a brother to us, was just diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma. We have just found out that he has three tumors and one is the size of a tennis ball. The tumors are in his leg.  We find out Wednesday the results of his PET scan. He is in his early forties and single. We are like his only family along with a small group of close friends. Since its such a rare form of cancer, I am researching for any and all insight so that we can be of help to him as he decides treatments and next steps depending on the test results.  Does anyone know of any hospitals or cancer centers that would treat him for free or reduced cost for research purposes?  He is without health insurance and money will be tight.  Thank you in advance if you have any information at all. 


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    Clear Cell Sarcoma

    He needs a Sarcoma Center or Orthopedic Oncologist.  List of centers.  

    Support group for Clear Cell Sarcoma.  

    The doctors most likely are going to take his leg off!  Sorry.  Its all they can do.  Clear Cell Sarcoma does not respond to chemo or radiation therapy.  I going to give straight advise and help you try and extend his life. First stop all dairy products NOW and learn how to become a vegan. I am eigth year survivor.  You are more likely to shake the hand of the president that to meet a person with Clear Cell Sarcoma.  Most likely he is a hot top pick with doctors and who are treating him and they have never seen it before.  Get him to a sarcoma specailist! Get to the support group they lots of information. Good luck!