Did you have radiation?

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Just wanted to share my husband's story in hopes that it not only gives others hope, but also makes them aware...

My husband had testicular cancer 12 yrs ago and had surgery followed by radiation.  He had follow ups for 10 yrs and all has been good.   We have had 2 children naturally since diagnosis - one right before surgery and radiation began and then another just last year - 12 yrs since diagnosis!

 Just this last August, we found out that he has stage 4 rectal cancer - no family history.    We asked if this could have been caused by the radiation from the first cancer.   Most doctors say they don't think so, but a friend of mine who is a urologist said that she does think it was the radiation, also the radiation onc. we met with says there is a good chance this was caused by radiation!   It surprised me that he was so quick to nod and not even hesitate.  I've done some googling about it and it does appear there is a link between testicular cancer and later developing rectal cancer. 

My husband is 46, so not yet at the age of a colonoscopy and only asked for one after a few weeks of symptoms this summer.   He did deal with chronic hives a few years ago - they never did find out what caused them, only put him on allergy meds to control them.  I wonder if that was an early sign.

Wish we knew then....please consider pushing for early colonoscopies if you've had radiation.


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    I hope your husband is feeling better.  It is important to have colonoscopy's every 2 to 3 years when you turn 40 or because of a family history of cancer in that area.  I've also had radiation treatment and had chemotherapy recently.  You never really know what radiation or chemotherapy can do to your body but it does put you at risk for other cancers.