what is the Justice of God?

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My mom is suffering from Gallbladder cancer stage 4. Within a month our life change to hell. Chemotherapy is goining on. My mom is a school teacher. She sacrificed her life for her family and students. and look at the justice of God.

Can anybody able to tell me what should I do? Any homeopathy will work? Is there is very less survival rate in this type of cancer? what should be her diet?

Please please help


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    Your dear mom

    I know how you must feel. My husband was diagnosed this past Nov 2012 and died 6 weeks later. The doctors gave him a 10% chance for 5 yrs and he didn't have didn't have that. We didn't know anything was wrong till he went in for hernia surgery.

    the doctor at Stanford hospital told us they know little about this cancer and not much research or treatments. I'm sorry..

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    Living with cancer

    Dear Namrata,  first, I truly hope your mom is still alive and that you have time to love on her more.  I know you must feel God has abandoned you and your mom, but indeed he hasn't.  He really is just because He gives everyone equal chances to know Him and His eternal plan to have you know Him.  I hope you've found that diet is a critical piece of wellness.  Suzanne Sommers' book KNOCKOUT has a wealth of information as does Dr. Russel Blaylock's book NATURAL STRATEGIES FOR CANCER PATIENTS.  I've walked alongside my best friend in her journey with breast cancer.  I'll walk with you, too, if you like.  email me

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    Hi Namrata ,
    Sorry to hear

    Hi Namrata ,


    Sorry to hear about your Mom , Even my dad is detedcted with th TCC cancer which is metasis from blader to kidney and liver and lungs. And taht too stage four .. I dnot know wht to do .. Doctors are giving chemotheroy as if now. Hows you mom doing ???