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hi all this is my first post although i have been looking around here for a few name is Steve and i live on the Gold Coast in Australia. my story thus far is that back in june last year i visited the doctor with problems with my bowels and he did a bit of probing and pushing and then told me that i have diverticulitis and here is a script for antibiotics. 1st mistake no colonoscopy. in the 2nd week of october i was discharging what looked like mud from my bladder and so that day i went to emergency at hospital and told doctor what was going on and she just checked me out without taking onboard properly what i was saying, she sent me home with more antibiotics saying i had a bladder infection. 2nd mistake not checked properly. next day when urinating i was also blowing wind out my penis. went to another doctor and explained to him what was going on and by this stage i had worked out that i had a fistula and he agreed with me after 2 minutes of conversation, sent me for ct scan and gave me some medication to keep infections at bay. returned to doctor 2 days later for scan results and was sent straight to hospital. i was admitted to hospital with cafferta inserted ( bloody hell they hurt when inserted,pain comes when going through prostate.) had another ct scan and colonoscopy and end result was yes i had fistula and the bowel and bladder had fused together. dr comes in on the 2 morning and says i,ve got cancer, my reaction was **** happens and he was horrified by this but as far as i was concerned cut it out and we will see what it looks like and how bad it is before i start worring about cancer and the remerforcations on my health. had the surgery and they told me they took the S bend out and the fistula was about the size of my palm. ok it had 3 polips out of 38 with cancer cells. had my operation on the 27th november and finally i feel like my old self now. started cemo two weeks ago and doing second round this week. dont like the week i do cemo it is **** to me mainly because i dont get sick in normal life but this **** makes you feel like ****. basically it,s the nausia i dont like and i do know it will probably get worse from what i,ve read on this site. i smoke the mary jane to releive that and get a appertite as well. not a person who takes medication all that much. my first blood tests came back as 100% good so hope the blood results i get back tomorrow are the same. i have a 100% positive outlook on what is happening inside my body and as far as i,m concerned this is just a hicup in life. i,m glad i havent been through what alot of you guys on this site are and have been through and wish you all the best of luck with treatment and sucsess in beating your cancer. you sometimes wonder why this happens to me but i suppose this is the journey the big fella upstairs gives us to see how we handle it and it,s our path in life. doctor and nurses and freinds and family are totally blown away by how well i look and i put that down to my positive attitude and the fact i,m not letting it bring me down. 


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    Welcome Steve

    Glad that you have found us and hope that the information and support you find here will help you along your journey.

    You mention nausea from the chemo.  While I personally didn't do chemo, my sister is in treatment.  Her onc gave her two prescriptions to take as soon as she felt it coming on.  Even called in a thrid one when the first 2 didn't help.  The best advice is to get ahead of it, regardless of what you take for it.  Easier to control at the outset than waiting until it is upon you.  Glad to hear that the maryjane is available to you and works.  A number of folks here in the US are able to use it, unfortunately not available on a "legal" basis for us all.

    Glad to see your positive attitude.  It does help as you deal with this change in your life.

    Wishing you much success in your treatment.

    Marie who loves kitties

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    G'day Steve

         Sorry to see you on the board but welcome. None of us wants to be here but it is the best place to get good info and To have a vent if you need to. I'm up at Nambour on thr sunshine coast. As you can see by my joining date I have been on this forum for quite a while. Treatments have changed dramatically over the years so I'm not a great deal of help for newbies. I'm just here to prove that we do survive. Best of luck .Ron.

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    welcome steve


    a good naturopath may help.



    ps  i am in sydney