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Hi I joined weight watchers Thursday I thought I would try it to get some weight off i am on the points tracking has anyone tried weight watchers Did it  work for you and any tips or advise? 




Thank you in advance 



  • missrenee
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    I've done Weight Watchers

    long before I was diagnosed.  I lost about 28 pounds over the course of about 8 months.  I followed the program pretty closely, recording points and exercising.  It really does work--as long as you follow the program.  What I like about WW is that there are no "forbidden" foods and it is quite flexible--like being able to save a certain number of points if you know you have a night out on the weekend.  I think it is also nutritiously sound.

    Good luck to you and cudos to you for taking control.


    Hugs, Renee


  • Jean 0609
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    Hi teresa

    I did Weight Watchers and hit my "goal" right before I was diagnosed.  It really does work and the most important thing is to track.  I find the on-line tools so much easier.  However, once I started chemo and my treatments, my weight has gone back up again in the last two years.  However, I did start back to Weight Watchers a few weeks ago with a friend and hope to be back on track very soon.  Good luck and let me how you are doing.





  • gagee
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    good luck to you.....

    I tried WW a few years ago and had good results.  Since the cancer I don't have the money to go back. Many people do so well on it.  I wish you the best and as for me I need to get off my duff and start some thing. Like walking ... some thing. 

    Again Good Luck to You,


  • Unhappy
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    I went to weight watcher

    and lost about 80 pound then quit gained a lot of it back . But never forgot what I learned when I did go. Now I am 60 pounds lighter then I was to start with need to get the other 20 of it .Then I would be at what I was when I quit weight watcher . It work If you stay with it . you can eat a lot and still loss weight.