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My husband is eaten up with this stuff.He has it on the brain,tonsils,lung,liver,stomach,wind pipe,tummy,pelvis.I take care of him in home.I Don't think he has much longer.He gets sicker by the day.I have trouble getting him to eat.I dont know what else to do.If anyone can help me with some ideas i would welcome it.



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    I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. I was my husband's caregiver for 6 years before he lost his battle with colon cancer. It is so hard for us to watch our loved ones with this disease. We feel so helpless and frustrated.  We want to fix them, make them feel better, but we can't. I don't have any words of wisdom, but I can tell you that many on these boards,have been where you are. This is a good place to come for support and just to vent. Know that you are not alone. Fay

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    One thing we tried was a

    One thing we tried was a milkshake. Get a blender put ice cream in then use almond milk instead of regular milk.  If that doesn't work try root beer float. My husband loved rootbeer. if any of this Helps and you are ready to add heavier food try a piece of grilled chicken breast on a Hawaiian roll. A soup that worked sometimes was tortilla soup made in a blender, add avocado for extra calories. If you want to try it let me know and I'll explain better.

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    Just a reminder that hospice is not only for end of life care, izzymay.  They are there to help with all sorts of issues.   Hospice is also there to help the family.  Some charge a fee; others do not.

    Call your husband's doctor and get a referral to hospice.  You don't have to go through this without professional help. 

    Let us hear from you about how things are going.