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So, after a diagnosis of DCIS, lumpectomy, Re-excisio for margins, I am now halfway through radiation, (no chemo). Because ER+ and PR+ I stoped birth control that regulated cycle. Now, long cycles, uterine fibroids growing and need to make decision about Tamoxifen. Will finish rads in 2/8 and have total hyst 3/1. While in my mind and in my heart I know this is best decision, but emotions running wild, I am so tired,  and the tears flow too easily. Is this just hormones?, rads? or the normal course of too much happening in too short a tIme?  I am 48, married, no kids, and ususally the strong one of the bunch. Feelng pretty weak right now.


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    Too much, too fast is my

    Too much, too fast is my guess.  Just let yourself feel what you feel and don't judge.  Some things are just supposed to hurt.  I have always been 'the strong one' too but I must say admitting to weakness has changed me into someone I like much better.   

    PEACE to you ~ even this will pass.

    P.S.  Tamoxifen worked really well for me and I had no side effects from it. 

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    I had a hysterectomy when I

    I had a hysterectomy when I was 33 Now 55 IBC at 52 I was glad I had hist b-4 breast cancer so I didn't have to do all that at the same time. You are overwhelmed right now. To much at one time. Your feelings are normal. Never think you are not strong you certainly are very strong. We are all with you and will help in anyway you need. I will be with you in spirit and prayer.

    Take care Darlin Kay,

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    It will get better!!

    Give yourself a breaK!! How can you not be emotional right now.  I was a mess when I was going through everything.  If it gets uncontrollable,  talk to a counselor.  You may need to take something for a while.  Many, many, many people do.  You are scared and feeling out of control right now, but I promise it will get better.  As for the hysterectomy, it was the best thing I ever did.  I was 45 when I had it done and it made me feel better.  I had no idea how horrible I felt because of the ovarian cysts and crazy periods I was having.  Yes getting used to hot flashes and other menopausal stuff is an adjustment, but i am ok now.  Also, I was originally on tamoxifen but then was switched to aromasin after the hysterectomy.  The only side effect I had was hot flashes on the tamoxifen.   I did great on that. I wish I was still on it because aromasin gives me side effects (which I have learned to live with).  Anything that reduces my risk of having cancer come back is good for me.  Good luck with everything.  Take a breath and please know life will get back to normal again.  What you are feeling is sooooooo normal!!  

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    I can understand the tears

    just went througt having my left breast removed and ovaries removed in less than a month I thought at my age it would not affect me the way it did.Don.t worry about the tear , I thank that is part of breast cancer and hyst.Hang in there you will be ok .

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    Thanks Gals!

    Thank you to each of you for responding. Sometimes in the midst of this "new normal" it is just nice to know that you are normal ------ if you know what I mean.

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    DocHog said:

    Thanks Gals!

    Thank you to each of you for responding. Sometimes in the midst of this "new normal" it is just nice to know that you are normal ------ if you know what I mean.

    Too much in too little time

    I believe you made the right decision

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    Jan 2008 DCIS

    Jan 2008 DCIS -lumpectomy-tamoxofin- about 2 1/2 yrs of Tamox I had Hysterectomy (due to enlargeed Uterus-big cut-not able to be done vaginally)


    I have less then a year on Tamoxifen to go.

    I had mammo and ultrasound about 7 wks ago ..ultra sound showed something odd-I had biopsy and surgery...ALL GOOD>>IT is/ was JUST scar tissue HAPPY to say..well worth the surgery to KNOW for sure..